Protect The Planet Imperative

I live with 'voices' who say they are Freemasons. I have transcripts containing first person quotes of who said what to me. THEY ARE DIRE & MENACING!

Re-Engage Their 'Supreme Being'

The Freemasons claim that their 'Supreme Being' is very cruel, viscious, and has a lust for pain, misery and blood.
This is why they have 'victims', and many allegations against them.
They tell me that they must occupy the 'Supreme Being' with innocent people or it attacks them.
I have a different idea. This being could become a talented and accomplished defender of planet Earth, from the results of the SETI program and or the Breakthrough Listen project. If either were to locate and inadvertently bring hostile life to Earth, this 'Supreme Being' would be our most effective and strongest fighter to defend ourselves from any invasion or subjegation.

I have suggested to them that instead of the abysmal and horrendous carnage and butchery that The Freemasons preside over, the 'Supreme Being' could be occupied with training and drills for this planets' defence. This would make assaulting Humans an anachronism. I suggested alternatives including cattle, jellyfish, bats, ferral cats, asteroids, light projections and hollograms, decmissioned satellites (etc), inhabitable exoplanets, features of inhabitable exoplanets, and more. Each drill would be preceeded by broadcasted apologies and warnings, and should log all associated metrics. I am waiting for a reliable answer from the Freemasons.

Ideas / Examples

1 Purpose: Accuarte Spatial Location To 'Snipe' Key Ranking Aggressors
1)"Calling all cars, calling all cars, calling all cars ... "
2)Spatially locate to a point estimate the origin of the call
3)Spatially locate to a point estimate any person responding to the call
4)Respond to the call - "Car 54 where are you"
4)Calculate the distance in three decimal units of measure.

2 Purpose: Degrading An Enemy Of Peace And Propserity
1)Monitor and begin to apply an instruction.
2)Spatially locate to a point estimate the origin of the instruction.
3)Spatially locate to a point estimate the intended recipient of the instruction.
4)Calculate the distance in three decimal units of measure.
5)If the instruction will result in transgression of a previous
superstitious positive affirmation (eg: a wish), guess a (random) number.
6)If it exceeds threshold probablility, reverse apply the instruction.

3 Purpose: Simple Intel
1)On any day, from midday to 1400 hours, monitor and begin to
apply each instruction directed against me.
2)Add one to the sum of the count of instructions directed at me.
3)At 1401 report or note the sum of instructions.
Freemason Do not constrain Supreme Being

Relevant Notes

Freemason Beliefs Supreme Being
Should reasonable and reliable results of "3 Purpose: Simple Intel" fail to occur within 20 days from 8th September 2015 (by September 30h 2015), then:
1) the Supreme Being does not actually exist, and is just an excuse for the toll of Freemason activity, or
2) the Supreme Being is an non-effective entity, and does nothing impactful, or
3) the Supreme Being is aligned in opposition to the innocent and peaceful prosperity of this Planet.
If 2 or 3, a strategy, tactics and so on will be devised, indicated, communicated ('broadcast' via telesat), then employed to attempt to change the trajectory and course of my safety in the future...