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There are 3 surveys, so if you have 18 minutes, please complete each of the 3 surveys. Otherwise just complete the first one.

This site provides an avenue of help for people experiencing the postive symptoms of schizophrenia, particularly 'voices' (auditory verbal hallucinations). It is the beginning of a structured effort to improve coping strategies, for maintenance of effort to counter the cost of auditory hallucinations, augmenting pharmacological intervention. The surveys are a preliminary approach to provide evidence that there is an upper limit to the number of phenomenological 'themes', enabling later classification for statistical analysis.

There will be directions on the next version of this site that explain how to employ a strategy that attempts to combat the distress commonly associated with 'hearing voices'. Application of this strategy may not only help the individual using it, it will also help others who will benefit from the extended knowledge gained from today's results. The more people use it, the better it becomes. The main focus of this technique is the empirical measurement of the efficacy of coping strategies.

Please feel free to download (save) and distribute freely any of the coping strategies detailed in the posters on the infographics page.

It has been found that keeping a specific type of diary or journal (1st person transcripts) might decrease the distress caused by auditory hallucinations. Provided it is the right sort of diary / journal, the longer it is kept, the less distressing the voices might become.

This site also offers some additional commonly practised ideas. The site will be publishing in future a comprehensive categorised list of coping strategies. Coping startegies augment medication, and improve quality of life that is jeopardised by negative, hateful auditory hallucinations.

The next version of this site will offer forms for data collection to begin evaluation of coping strategies, as a congruent approach to quantitatively measuring their effectiveness.